Drum making with Jim Frank

Cost: The cost of making a drum depends on the number of people and may vary a little depending on the cost of materials:

1 to 5 people - $300 for one plus $125 for each additional person up to 5 (from $435 to $185 per person)

5 people making drums - $925  ($185 per person)  

5 to 10 people making drums - $925 plus $125 for each additional person over 5 ( as low as $155per person)  

Number of people
































These prices effective  Jan 2017

These prices include shamanic teachings and all materials for making a 16-inch round frame drum using elk skin, and a beater.  These 16 inch elk drums have excellent voice as well as having a rugged beauty. If you would like a different size or skin, let me know and we can figure the difference in cost.  I can bring a drum making to your group's location, I merely ask that you pay my travel costs.

Payment in full is required at the time the date is set. Skins and other materials are ordered at least two weeks before we make drums and there will be no refunds after the order is placed.  A partial refund will be calculated for individual cancellations prior to ordering materials, since it may change the number of people making drums. 

If your group is ready to commit to making drums, it is best to call so we can discuss a date and location.  Call Jim Frank at  484-324-4270 or email to jim@malvernsweatlodge.com.

Anytime a group of less than ten sets a date, I offer to them to try to back fill their group so all can have a reduced rate.  If you would like to be notified of drum making sessions with openings, sign up for the special "drum making email list."  If would like to make a drum but are willing to wait for a group, use this link to sign up for that list. CLICK FOR DRUM MAKING EMAIL LIST  

I schedule these workshops when it seems like there are enough folks interested and they usually fill before the final deadline.   To be sure you get the most notice of when we might make drums again you will want to sign up for the special drum making mail list, I only use this email list when I have set a date for an upcoming drum making workshop.  I donít know when we might schedule drum making again but the way it usually works is that when four or five folks contact me with a specific date in mine, I will schedule with them with the idea that we can advertise it out to the larger community and fill all ten spots.  Yes, the price per person might be higher for fewer then ten people so it is important that enough lead time is given for folks to plan Ė I like to set a date at least 2 months out.  

If it will serve you, you can use a credit card or Paypal to send me money by clicking the donate button.