Who is Jim Frank?

Here's some biographical information:

Born in April 1945 in Philadelphia, Jim Frank is an Aries with much Taurus and 2nd house influence, and his ascendant is in Aquarius.  He is an outgoing and socially minded individual of vision and passion, yet he stays close to home and generally sticks with things and sees them through to their end, long after most others would have called it quits. 

A product of Philadelphia’s parochial school system, after high school Jim went to work for the telephone company.  He married at age 19 and was a father at 20.  He now has two grown children and four grandchildren.   At age 20 he joined IBM and for 25 years worked in field service and service management.   After a five year break from technology, in the late 1990’s he founded Both Worlds, Inc, a consulting company that provided critical services related to Y2K. 

Jim has always had dual track careers, working or studying in addition to his full time employment. In his twenties, while working at IBM, he also sold real estate, studied photography as a fine art, and played guitar in an “old timey” folk band.  At age 30 he reached a bottom with alcohol and started a recovery that continues to be the foundation of his life.  At age 31 he was introduced to meditation and over the years has studied TM, Buddhist meditation and Siddah Yoga.  In his mid thirties he went back to school and at age 38 he received a B.A. in psychology from West Chester University and then worked part time as an addiction counselor.  From 1983 to 1996 he was a certified instructor in Pennsylvania’s program for those arrested for DUI.   In 1991, he left IBM to continue his studies in psychology.  In 1993 he received his Master of Arts degree at age 48.  He trained with Patrick Carnes and worked as an addiction therapist specializing in sex addiction.  He is a graduate of the three-year program in spiritual psychology at the Pennsylvania Psychosynthesis Center. He has studied Psychodrama and Playback Theater with Jonathan Fox.  With the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, he trained in core shamanism with Michael Harner and soul retrieval with Sandra Ingerman.   Since 1991, Jim has followed the Red Way as taught by Joseph Rael, aka, Beautiful Painted Arrow, and apprenticed as a ceremonial leader.  He continues to lead his local community in ceremony. In 2003 he attended the School for The Work with Byron Katie in Brussels, Belgium and in 2004 he staffed at the School in Stamford CT.  He is skilled in facilitating The Work and has maintain his relationship with The Work by regular attendance to Katie's New Year's Cleanse. In recent years he has traveled to Peru to deepen his connection to indigenous peoples and visiting with his friends in Cusco.  Mostly retired now, Jim has been treating himself to studying the latest advances in brain science and brushing up his therapeutic skills. In 2012 he completed a clinical training in Trauma Competency. In 2015 at the Annual Congress of the International Neuropsychoanalysis Society in Amsterdam, he presented a poster on The Native American Medicine Wheel as a Map to Understanding Jaaks Panksepp's Primary Affects.  Within his larger spiritual community he is recognized as a valued elder and continues to lead ceremony and teach workshops.  

 He can be reached at P.O. Box 503, Malvern, PA 19355, at (484)-324-4270.  or email to jim@malvernsweatlodge.com.

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