If you are interested in hosting a workshop at your location, please let me know. 

Services available from Jim Frank.

Short Term Counseling for life issues.  I have vast experience in counseling for addictions, relationships, grieving, etc.  While I have no interest in having "clients,"  we all sometimes need an outside view of ourselves and a few suggestions about what to do next.  I use the Medicine Wheel to help see where someone is in their personal transformation, and make suggestions as to what might move them along their path.   Usually I will not see someone more then three or four sessions.  Sometimes this will include a Soul Retrieval or individualized teaching about spiritual practice.  Often this includes the Work of Byron Katie.   Read more about these services below.   If someone needs more help then I can give, I will help them connect with the services they need.  

Meditation Instruction.  My practice of daily sitting meditation has been the foundation of all my spiritual growth for more then thirty years.  I am happy to share it on a group or individual basis. 

Shamanic healing and Soul Retrieval. Using Soul Retrieval as taught by Sandra Ingerman, I go to my spirit guides and to find and  return missing soul pieces.  This may be indicated when that feeling of "something missing" is overwhelming.   I really like it when a therapist or counselor, family or friends come along so the returning soul piece has lots of help to welcome it home.  

The Work for Bryon Katie as facilitated by Jim Frank  "The work of Byron Katie has become my principle method of self-examination.  I have found Katie to be right on...(more)"

About Money:  I like to work with individuals in two hour sessions and my fee is based at 75 dollars per hour.  I know that money is often a problem so I am happy to allow forgiveness if someone thinks they have trouble paying.  I have enough right now and sometimes the people who need the most help don't have much money to spare.  So, pay when you can - my price, your terms.  Just make sure you don't fall into the trap of being a victim of poverty.  It seems like some folks sometimes hold the belief "you only get what you pay for,"  and when they reverse that they don't value what they get for free.   The Universe is a lot more generous than that.

If it will serve you, you can use a credit card or Paypal to send me money but clicking the donate button.

Email Jim at jim@malvernsweatlodge.com or call at 484-324-4270.