The Long Dance at Bird Song Peace Chamber

When: Sat/Sun Sept 24/25

Time: from Noon Sat to Noon Sun

Where: Bird Song Peace Chamber, 601 County Park Road, Pottstown, PA (emergency phone number- 610-469-9029)

COVID19 Protocol: vaccines are recommended but not required.  Testing will be done on-site for all participants upon arrival.  Please, if you are ill, stay away. If you test at home before coming, we will still test when you arrive.  If you have spare rapid home antigen tests, we will appreciate the donation.

Long Dance Banner: in preparation for the Long Dance, dancers will make a banner and bring it with them to the dance. 

Clothing: bring weather appropriate clothing, consider that it might be cold and rainy. Bring sweat lodge clothes.

Camping: bring tent, traps, sleeping bags, flashlights, etc., so you will have a place to sleep.

Potluck breakfast:  Bring a dish for the potluck Sunday breakfast. (A light snack will be provided for after the sweat lodge Saturday)

Cost: $150 payment can be made online when reserving.  Cash or checks are welcome at arrival at the dance.

Agenda: arrive Sat Noon and gone by Sun Noon.

arrival, report to the garage to check in, settle accounts, and test for COVID19.

                Set up personal camping space and set up the Dance Corral.

                Hang Banners in Dance Corral.

                Opening circle and talk

                Banner talk – light sweat lodge fire

                Sweat Lodge

                Soup and snack

                Rest in tents until after dark

                Dance begins and ends before dawn

                Rest in tent until breakfast

                Break down Dance Corral, strike tents, and pack cars.

                Closing Circle in Peace Chamber and Good-byes